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Champions League Football Experience in the Heart of a Village

From Zero to Hero: An inspiring social media success story in the German Uckermark, where professional content conquered the regional league.

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2017 – 2020



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Sports, Marketing & PR

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Social Media


Design & Branding



A Matter of the Heart: Considering the growing influence of social media in the Bundesliga, in 2017, I wondered why the same couldn’t be achieved in the regional league of Landesklasse Nord in Brandenburg, Germany, where my grandparent’s village was located. Suddenly, I noticed that the local football team had no presence on social media, which made me think quite a while. To realize the project, photo and video recordings were made during match days and then carefully edited. Utilizing an existing selection of images and a targeted design strategy, a high-quality result was achieved. The created content was then published on various social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, to achieve maximum reach and professionally present the appearance on match days.

Mission & Drive

The main goal of the project was to create high-quality content with a Bundesliga-like appearance to attract regional attention. This led to increased inquiries from neighboring clubs, who also desired such a remarkable PR presence.