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Collect and experience communities by turning everyday people into stars

Stickerstars: Connecting communities, creating memories. Playful sticker albums for clubs, weddings and more



2021 – 2023



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Stickerstars is a Berlin-based start-up that playfully brings communities together and promotes social exchange. Custom sticker albums for various communities such as sports clubs, weddings, team events, and large-scale loyalty campaigns create unique memories. The project offers free sticker collection campaigns for local clubs and fire departments, as well as an all-encompassing solution for weddings to create unforgettable memories. The sticker album fosters team spirit and creates lasting memories. Everyday people can become the heroes of their own stories by collecting their own stickers and those of their colleagues.

Mission & Drive

From my start as an intern to becoming a full-time employee after precisely 6 months, I extensively focused on the design and distribution of content for social media. I had the privilege of managing Stickerstars’ main channel and got specialized in club projects and fire departments.

In my role as team leader of the social media marketing of club projects and fire departments, I also supervised two working students. I also conducted job interviews for positions in my team. Additionally, I contributed to the UI/UX for new features on their website. At the end of January 2023, I chose to leave Stickerstars to pursue personal goals and advance other projects.