This is New Work - Years Ahead.

Web and app development, artificial intelligence, and new work – Loopcept combines everything that pushes our everyday life forward in a smart way – always staying up to date and never settling– as if all this was a giant loop.

Work smart with Tyvri.

Originally developed specifically for Loopcept projects, Tyvri will soon be available for you and your company. This is how you will never ever face chaos again with tasks, communication and files on several different platforms. Tyvri is your reliable companion in everyday work.

The Tyvri workplace offers an intelligent and central platform for all employees to work in a much reliable way and exchange information. It enables the smartest idea organization you will ever experience so that things can get done much faster again!

Going bigger steps with "Little giants"

Klubbr is an app/web app designed to make it easier for team sports clubs to create social media graphics. A variety of designs can be selected so that posts match with the club’s color and brand scheme. The app automatically creates great individual postings for matchdays and many other occasions.

The goal is to make professional graphics accessible and usable for amateur clubs without any need for instruction and professional staff. Automated and simple sponsoring will also be integrated and can be implemented in graphics even without specialists.

Open positions

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