Hey! – But what exactly is happening here, anyway?

Hey there, I’m Julius – some would call me a creative mind dedicated to creating smart digital solutions – for everyone. My goal is to generate innovative approaches and concepts that push our daily lives onto a new level – whether in sports, for businesses, or beyond. Exploring new realms of ideas and implementing innovative projects are my daily tasks.

True to the motto #Loopcept, I develop digital solutions for various industries. The name derives from my philosophy of continuous improvement. It’s about starting from a point, finding a path, and not stopping at a defined ending point: Essentially, it’s about always looking for opportunities to improve and progress – As if all this would be a giant loop.

I’m a technology nerd and love discovering new techniques to integrate into my work. I believe that modern digital technology can be used to solve many of our everyday problems and make our lives easier. My most solid experiences are based on design and user experience, which allows me to create products that are not only functional but also visually appealing and user-friendly.

In summary, if you’re reading this, all of this is still just the beginning of the journey. Feel free to sign up for my free newsletter below to stay updated on the latest news or follow me on LinkedIn to be constantly informed whenever something new happens here.

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