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Klubbr is an app/web app designed to simplify the creation of social media graphics for team sports clubs. Users can choose from a variety of designs that can be customized to match the club’s main colors. The app automatically generates great individual posts. The goal is to make professional work in this area accessible and user-friendly for amateur clubs without the need for extensive guidance. The app is expected to go online soon as the first Loopcept project. Until then, it will be expanded with additional modern features, including simplified automated sponsorship, further streamlining the management of amateur sports clubs

Mission & Drive

As the Klubbr project’s founder, my vision is to provide sports clubs with a simple and cost-effective way to enhance their social media presence. I know from personal experience how challenging it can be for clubs to create professional content and graphics in lower leagues. Therefore, with Klubbr, I aim to create a solution that allows every club to create appealing material and improve its online presence.

I am proud that Klubbr is finally establishing a platform that leverages modern solutions for modern problems, enabling amateur sports to showcase themselves even better.