All my experiences.


You’ve come across this page because you’ve received a ‘snapshot’ of me. Here, you’ll find an overview of all my experiences and a detailed description of each.

Employments & Engagements
Hochschule für angewandtes Management

Completed Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management with a focus on the football industry. Key areas of study included organizational structures, strategic management, personnel management, stadium management, contract law, sponsorship, fan management, and financial management. Practical case studies covered top managers and topics such as the organizational structures of world clubs and business models of media conglomerates in football.

B.A. Degree in Sports Management  •  2018-2023

Stiftung pro Gemeinsinn | Mahlsdorfer Grundschule

After completing my secondary education with the Abitur in 2017, I volunteered for a social service year at a primary school. After an extended period of theoretical education in school, I consider it as crucial to gather practical experience in a social environment initially. This allows personal development and an understanding of structures in a professional daily life.

FSJ Volunteering  •  2017-2018